When this topic of sex addiction is raised, many men actually ask, can sex be addictive? The answer is yes and there are several signs that can indicate that an individual is addicted to sex. Brian Whitney identifies some signs you should watch out for.

When you live a double life

According to Brian, the moment when you start to live a double life which involves cheating on your girlfriend or wife you should know that the problem is about to begin. The cheating starts to involve lying about how you spend your money when you actually spend the money buying sex or being involved in some form of sexual activity.

When it comes to sex, you do not care about others

To be a sex addict, you do not have to be a bad and evil person. You can be a great father to your children. A great employee to your boss or even the person that your community relies on. However, when it comes to sex, you care about nobody else but yourself. You can sleep with a person and not care what happens to them once you have got what you want. You start to see women simply as objects, available for you to use. When you become a sex addict you will do whatever it takes to have sex with a woman, even if it means manipulating them.

Thoughts of sex take over your mind

Are you always either thinking about sex, planning your next sexual encounter or actually having sex? If the answer to this question is a yes, then you are moving in the direction of sex addiction. This leads to a situation where you are no longer in control. You will have sex anywhere, whether it’s your office, in your car at the local park or downstairs with the maid in your house while your wife is sleeping upstairs. Even if you know the dire consequences of your behavior, you just no longer care.

When sex destroys your relationships

You have come to accept that every one of your relationships will end because of some action you have done which is related to sex. In the beginning, you will be able to hide this from your partner but she will soon start to realize that something is not right. Then your relationship will break down, but you do not learn a lesson, you still do the same in the next.

You cannot control your masturbation

Masturbation on its own is not unhealthy. It becomes an issue when you do it at every chance you get. “Every chance” means exactly that; you do it after waking up, while you take a bath, when you get to your office, during the tea break and soon after your next meeting. Yes, people with a sex addiction do this.

There are many more signs which can indicate that you have a sex addiction such as when you are unable to stop having sex all the time even if you wanted. When you start to hate yourself because of your sexual life, it is time to seek professional help.