The internet of things has made it possible for anyone with skills to make extra cash, whether on a full-time basis or a part-time basis while still keeping a regular job. However, anyone planning to do any work on the internet must watch out for some schemes which should not be touched, even with a ten-foot stick.

Schemes to avoid

The internet is filled with unscrupulous individuals whose main aim is to lure unsuspecting people and then dupe them out of their money. If anyone asks you to pay so that you can get a chance to sell their products for them, walk away. Then there are those training books and CDs that tell you if you buy them you will learn an exclusive trick about how to get rich quickly. Some fraudsters on the internet will promise you that you will get rich overnight or make money from doing nothing. They even show testimonials from people who invested US$300 and in the next hour made US$3000 or something like that. If an offer sounds too good to be true, you must walk in the other direction.

Legitimate ways of making money

Freelance writing. Freelance writing has become a very common way of making money in the age of the internet. Many organizations and individuals have started noticing that outsourcing work does not only reduce costs, it makes available a large pool of talent that would otherwise not have been available in the closed confines of a company.

The Uber network. This concept has now spread to many countries across the world. If you have a smartphone and a car that qualifies, you can lodge an application in your country of residence and make some extra cash driving your own car.

Use your skills to consult. If you are a professional, you can use your skills to consult. Many people are looking for online teachers, lawyers, or accountants to help them online.

Turn your home into a hotel. The Airbnb concept has become one of the most successful websites where people can list their homes for tourists to stay while they are on holiday. You can select the people you accept to your home when they apply to stay with you.

Be a broker. You can buy and sell goods using sites such as eBay . The good thing about sites such as this one is that payments are protected by such platforms as PayPal.

Cook meals for others. A concept known as Wazupa is becoming the new rage in town. If you are a good cook, you can register on the platform. When someone orders food near you, the app will let you know where this person is and after you cook the food you can deliver it and payment will be made from the credit card of the person who makes the order.

There are certain advantages that come with working on the internet which depend on a person’s personality. If you are struggling to get a job, this may be something you may want to try.