To be honest, creative people often seem strange. It’s kind of they live in a different world. And when people speak of them not much positive comes out. In most cases, they feel outcasts in the society. And it’s partly because they live out of the norm, from the ideals other people believe in.
Surprisingly however, the same weaknesses other people point are their strengths. They include:
a) Internally Thoughtful – Ever Busy
In truth, creative people are often busy and easily distracted. For some of us, they would seem as either confused or perhaps psychos. While we continue to think these are undesirable personas, it is because of such people that we have a broadened world with open ideologies and perspectives.
b) They are Independent Thinkers
You would ask perhaps what the exceptionally creative people are busy doing. They are always thinking – out of the norm, out of the box, out of the ordinary – they’re often thinking alternative processes, procedures, means and ways to life and success. This makes most of them innovators.
c) The Creative are Big Dreamers
While they are in their own kind of world and lost in thought, they tend to think of a life better than now and while this is natural, most of us tend to believe this is hopeless. You would then wonder how we become successful in the first place if not through following our “big” dreams.
d) They tend to make lots of mistakes
We all make mistakes but the creative ones among us tend to make lots of mistakes, especially since they’re often lost in thought. While most us will often apologize and make amends, they tend to spend most of their time thinking about the mistakes and the lessons they can learn from such. This allows them turn more failures into victories by bringing different perspectives to it.
e) Creative people are slow to commit
One other personality trait of the exceptionally creative is that they and very slow to commitment and when they do, they’re easily bored. This includes being held down to a single boring and less rewarding job and committing or one partner who may not be very willing to spice up the union.
Back to the claim creative people have a bigger worldview; the truth is that they have a tendency to think deeply and to pursue multiple interests and ambitions therefore having more open minds to new cultures, societies, people perspectives, philosophies and to a largely broader worldview.