When a man goes out dressed in clothes that are not appropriate for his age, there is a risk that, instead of looking cool, he will look really ridiculous. The sad thing is that very few people will tell you if you look silly. Check out the suggestions below on how you can dress at different stages of your life.

Experiment in your 20s

This is the easiest stage for any man. You have the license to dress the way you want without making a fool of yourself. At this stage, try different styles and soon you will know what’s best for you.  But even as you do this, remember you will start looking for a job soon. So this is the time for you to start investing in a few formal shirts, a good suite, and formal shoes. Also start thinking about getting yourself a barber. Get yourself a good watch for those important events like a job interview.

Get an idea in the middle age

In your thirties, you have probably been at work for a few years and you can now afford to buy most of the things you want. You also already have an idea of the clothes that fit your body. At this stage of your life, your wardrobe should give you more choice. You are no longer expected to spend a lot of your time trying out different outfits. When you walk into a shop you know very well what you are looking for. At this stage, you should also have more suits in your wardrobe than you did in your twenties.

Style and sophistication in your 40s

By the time you hit forty, you should dress in a way that shows style and sophistication. At this age your life is already following a good trajectory, your bank balance and your car attest to this. All the funny outfits you experimented with in the last two decades are no longer part of your wardrobe. Because of your status, designer items become a regular part of your attire. Stylists will tell you at this age not to shy away from a bit of color here and there; think your tie and your scarf.

Feel comfortable in your fifties and beyond

There is no reason to dress badly just because you are over fifty. By this age, you know very well what you like and what makes you comfortable. This is the time to dress in clothes that make you feel great and comfortable. Your outfits are now more relaxed. At work, you are wearing your tailored suits. Your shoes are also comfortable loafers. Golf shirts work very well for people at this age.

Whatever age you are, always remember that the way you dress says something about the person that you are. It could show that you are gracefully accepting the passing years, or you are in denial that you are growing up.