Have you ever seen a man putting on running shoes at a formal gathering? Yah, this happens a lot. People who manufacture different shoes, manufacture them with a purpose in mind. Any well-groomed man who knows that he has an image to protect knows that each kind of shoe has an occasion where it fits. According to The Gentleman’s Manifesto shoes should be selected based on whether they are going to be used for the daily grind, a chill night out, a formal gathering, or for one of those out-of-town trips.

For daily use
While this really depends on the requirements for what you do on daily basis, some rules still have to be observed.  Some shoe types like your sports shoes will not be suitable when you go to work in an office. The same applies to wearing sandals or the kind of footwear you will wear on your weekend at the beach. If you have a choice at work, you are always safe with something halfway between formal and casual. The most important consideration here is that you are comfortable but still keep a professional image.

For the Chilled night out
The Gentleman’s Manifesto advices against wearing the leather shoes you wear either to work or to school on a casual night out. Especially if they are black. Again, this occasion allows you to be flexible. This, however, does not give you the license to arrive in your flip-flops. Trendy sports slippers are great on those beautiful summer evenings when you are putting on your three-quarter shorts. If you want to be more sophisticated, you can put on your loafers or moccasins.
Formal gatherings
If you are looking for an occasion to show off your Derbys, Oxfords, and Brogues, the formal occasion is that chance for you. Most of the times formal gatherings come with a set dress code and you do not have a lot of room to maneuver. The formal occasion is certainly not the time for your sneakers and beach slippers. Just get your leather shoes and get used to them until the occasion comes to an end.

Out-of-Town Trip
Of all the accessions you will be going out to, the out-of-town trip gives you the most room to select the shoes you want. So now you can take out those flip-flops. Your sandals are also another option you can put on with your other casual clothes on an out-of-town trip. The Gentleman’s Manifesto advises that you should never wear socks with sandals, flip-flops or your sports slippers.

Whatever you do when you select the shoes to wear for an occasion, always remember what they say, “Shoes make the man”. It does not matter how stylish your other clothes are, when you start talking, people look at your shoes, and then they listen to what you are saying. Throw them away as soon as they begin to lose shape.