Do you find that your friends show open or subdued dislike for your girlfriend? Try some suggested ways on how to get your friends to like your girlfriend and make life easy for yourself. The challenge with having your pals preferring an arm’s length approach in as far as your lover is concerned is that you will be caught in the middle of it all

The most important thing to remember when assessing these reasons is that you should attempt, as much as possible, to remain objective. It is, of course, difficult to remain objective when dealing with issues of love but you have to try. This is the only way you will remain open to whatever conclusions you get.

When your friends know something about your girlfriend

Sometimes in the excitement of loving your girlfriend, you make it impossible for friends to tell you if there is something about your partner they know which you do not. Since they find it difficult to talk, they vent their emotions by hating your better half.

Your pals have no way of knowing how you will react when they tell you, so they keep quiet. However, this hurts them inside. They love you as a friend but feel they are unable to help you since they do not want to burst your bubble.

A personality clash prevents them from liking your partner

It is easy to think that since your friends and your lover have something in common, you, they will get along. This is not always the case. A personality clash can prevent your friends and your partner from seeing eye to eye.

Insecurity that your relationship will destroy your friendship

Sometimes the issue does not even lie with your better half, it’s your buddies who feel that, because of your relationship, and you will not be giving the necessary attention to the friendship. Remember, your friends have, usually, been available longer than the person you love. And most of the times your buddies know that if things do not work well in the relationship, you will come back running to them for a shoulder to cry on.

Sometimes it is simply jealous. They are jealous that you now have a relationship that works when they do not and this can naturally lead to feelings of resentment. Because your friends have nowhere to vent these feelings, your lover finds themselves on the receiving end of mistreatment.

They do not trust your girlfriend

Friends can feel that someone is with you because they want something from you other than love. This could be money, status, fame or anything like that. Again, the reason why your friends may want to protect you is that they do not want to take chances, because if they do, it is them who will pay the price when you come back with a broken heart. It is them who will be left to pick up the pieces when all the dust settles.