There is a question that every man who has ever slept with a woman asks themselves sometimes; am I satisfying my woman in bed? This age old question is not a very easy one to answer. Some men believe that when you hold your orgasm and go on for a long time then you are pleasing your woman in bed. If you are one of those men, sorry to disappoint you, it takes a lot more than that for your woman to be pleased. Any man who looks at sex as being separate from the broader relationship is making a mistake. You have to look at it as a component of the whole relationship.

Relationship experts will tell you that a woman who is satisfied in bed will show by being free to do as she pleases in bed. She does not have any inhibitions. When she is able to tell you exactly what she wants, you know you are doing something right. Since you are pleasing her, she also wants to please you.

While it used to be common in many cultures that it was the man who initiated sex, this is changing slowly. Women who are satisfied in bed are not afraid to initiate sex when they want it. If you see your woman reluctant to indicate that she wants sex, this may be an indication that she is saying, “what’s the difference”, because whether you have sex or you do not, it’s the same to her.

According to Jenifer Benjamin, in her article Is She Really Satisfied in Bed other signs that you are doing it right include breathing fast while you are in the act even if it is slight. This is coupled with the chest and neck area becoming flushed, legs flexing, toes curling, the back arching and the pelvis is moving in a deep and rhythmic manner.

You should be happy if, during sex, she starts saying things that do not make sense. Jenifer Benjamin says that this indicates she is entirely held up in the sensation. Be careful if she says words that make sense right through, she may just be pretending to be happy to make you feel better. If she is enjoying, she will tell you. If she never does, this could be another indication that she is not.

Whatever you do, remember that trying to be good in bed alone will never satisfy your woman. Create conditions in your relationship that will make your woman want you. Be affectionate and involve in foreplay before having sex. Touch her and kiss her unexpectedly and above all, treat her like your best friend. Strive to have a body that she looks at and craves.