The tragedy of time is that it waits for no man. This is especially true when it comes to investing. If you are not one of the few trust fund babies in this world, you probably know by now that you have to make your own wealth. Making your own wealth is not an overnight thing unless you win the lotto. However, your chances of winning the lotto are as good as your chances of being struck by lightning. The only avenue that remains open for the majority of men out there is to invest their own money over a period of time. The question remains, what is the right time to start investing?

Sarah Gilbert provides the clearest answer to this question when she says that you are never too young to start investing. She equates investing to learning a second language. It is much easier and provides more rewards if you start when you are still young. By starting investing earlier, you are giving your money time to grow. The unfortunate thing about time is that once you have lost it, you can never recover it.

The best time to start investing is soon after you have left college and you get your first job. The advantage of starting your investment with your first paycheck is that you create this into a habit in your life. Also, the money you remove from your very first salary will never cause you any pain because you have never considered it yours in the first place. If you get used to using the money, it will become impossible for you to later believe that you can do without it.

The other advantage of starting investing your money with your first salary as soon as you get your first check is that you give your money enough time to mature. Treat investment like a marathon; the earlier you start the better your chances are to win the race. When you have the advantage of time, you can afford to invest small amounts of money per month. Starting late will mean that you will have to invest large chunks at a time.

If you have already spent your first check, don’t worry, the best time to start is now. Starting late is better than not starting at all. There will be a day when you will no longer have the power to work as hard as you do today, then you will be able to tap into your investments. Apart from this, your chances of becoming wealthy are better when you invest than when you do not.