This is that time of the year again when you have a lot of time in your hands and you may find yourself heading to the bedroom with your partner more than you usually do. The year end is a holiday time for many people so there will be very little excuse for you and your partner not to get between the sheets. After all, no one is going to give the common excuse that they are tired from a long day at work. You can certainly enhance the great indoor sport if you add a little foreplay.

You Do It for Both of You

It is easy to get a man aroused for sex, but the same does not apply to women. The main reason why you are involved in sexual activity is to get to a climax for both the man and the woman. A man who only thinks about himself does not deserve the woman in his life. It takes more time for a woman to get to the same level of arousal required for a successful orgasm. When you involve in foreplay, you are allowing your woman that time to rise to the climax that will leave both of you satisfied after a sexual encounter. Foreplay helps to prepare both the body and mind for sex.

Foreplay Helps the Clitoris to Get Erect

One condition for a woman to get a great orgasm lies in her clitoris being able to fulfill its role. Where a man has a penis, a woman has a clitoris. When you are involved in foreplay, you are allowing blood to flow into it so that it gets erect. Also, foreplay allows the whole virginal area to be properly lubricated so that when you eventually have sex, the encounter is comfortable for both you and the woman.

It Assures the Woman that You Want Her

As you probably already know, there is nothing a woman hates as much as sex that shows the man cares about nothing but to satisfy himself only. It becomes mechanical and in the end, no one enjoys the sex. Foreplay assures the woman, emotionally, that you truly love her and you do want to be with her. By investing time in foreplay, you are making sure that there is adequate time to communicate that message.

Some Foreplay Tips

Tell your partner what exactly turns you own. Do not be afraid, this is the most intimate person you are ever going to be with. Tell them to stroke the penis, the nipples, and the back of the neck or the anus. Build things up to a level where your woman loses herself in you. Do not give up. Many people give up before they strike gold. If your woman feels pain during sex, help her to see a doctor.