Would you define yourself as an emotionally stable man? If your answer is yes, would the woman in your life agree with you? If you do not know how to answer this question, check out the signs listed below. When you start seeing some of them in yourself, it’s time to think deeply, or seek help. When one of the people in a relationship becomes emotionally unstable, that relationship is at the risk of becoming toxic.

Taking offense at innocent jokes. It is acceptable that anyone would take offense when they are criticized in an unfair manner. However, you begging to show signs that you are becoming emotionally unstable when you start to take offense every time someone makes you the subject of an innocent joke.

Oscillating between happiness and depression. If you find yourself exhibiting signs of being very happy and then suddenly being depressed and then being happy again within a short period of time, you risk confusing those who love you.  This is a sign of emotional instability.

Showing a lack of trust. It is acceptable for you to surprise your woman with a romantic date once in a while by arriving at home or the workplace unannounced. However, when you become secretive to the extent that you are pouncing on her several times a week without informing her, you are becoming insecure. Insecurity is a sign of emotional instability.

Always complaining. It is easy to become someone who is always complaining to the extent that people start to avoid you without you noticing it. Deliberately watch the things you say and make a conscious decision to say only positive things about a situation. Even simple things such as the weather, traffic, and coworkers, which many people often complain about, can be looked at positively.

Being a perfectionist. Emotionally unstable man tend to be perfectionists. They want everything to be in the right place and they also expect other people to think like them. Experts also indicate that men who are perfectionists are afraid of commitment, they always want to give themselves an excuse to leave a relationship before they become too attached.

Feeling empty. When things that used to be important to you before start to look like they no longer matter, do not just ignore yourself. You are becoming emotionally unstable when nothing excites you about your life anymore. You do not care how you dress, you drive a dirty car and you neglect important relationships when you are becoming emotionally unstable.

The signs above are not the only signs that indicate the onset of emotional instability in a man. Some of them include feelings of dejection, being quick to anger, continuously being unhappy and afraid, injuring yourself and crying too quickly. When you start to feel as if this is getting out of hand, see a professional.