Researchers indicate that a whopping 89% of people in relationships indicate that they consider themselves to be living in toxic relationships. As a man, you have the potential to either make your relationships happy or poisonous. There are a few signs of a toxic relationship. You have to watch out for these signs, otherwise, you will keep wondering why your relationships always seem to fail. You are better prepared to find measures to remedy the situation if you know what the problem is than when you are fumbling in the dark.

When attitudes are hostile

Even though it is not desirable, it is okay for two people in a relationship to be hostile towards each other once in a while. No one is perfect and every human being finds themselves allowing their emotions to control them at times. The problem comes when this hostility towards each other starts to happen too often and it becomes the norm. Once this begins to bother you, sit down with your partner and talk, this may save your relationship.

Demeaning behavior

When one or both the partners in a relationship begins to concentrate on negative criticism all the time, the relationship is becoming toxic. When you start to demean your partner or your partner demeans you in public or in private, stop and talk. Sometimes this demeaning behavior is done explicitly and at other times it is done as a joke. Examples of this include calling someone names when there is an argument. There is a possibility that the offending partner may be doing this without realizing the damage it is causing. For this reason, it is advisable that the offended party is honest about how they feel.

Pretending to be not who you are

When you find yourself afraid of being who you are, you are in a wrong relationship. This manifests itself when you feel as if you are walking on eggshells all the time. You are unable to give your honest opinion about anything because you are afraid that if you are honest you will hurt the feelings of your partner. You do not have to be nasty, but say exactly what you think in a constructive manner.


Physical violence

Physical violence is probably the biggest sign that a relationship has become poisonous for all those inside it. Apart from being just poisonous, this relationship has become dangerous for whoever is the victim of the physical abuse. If as a man, you find yourself resorting to physical violence to solve problems, it might be time for you to seek professional help. However, if you are the victim of physical violence, it may be time to walk out of the relationship.

Refusing to talk

When either you or your partner starts to refuse to talk, you are using a psychological method of blackmail. There is no way of sorting things out when two people in a relationship are not talking. No matter how you feel, keep the communication channels open all the time.

Some of these signs may on the surface look like they are not serious, but if you do not take your time to sort them out, they may spiral out of control. It is always important to talk about this. If talking fails, resort to professional help. If that too fails, maybe it is time to say goodbye.