For most of us, family is everything. For some though, family is a sought of burden. Sometimes we feel other family members don’t understand us or relate with our challenges. Conversely, the truth is that if we all built healthy families we would all be telling how important it is. What then makes a strong healthy family relationship? Isn’t this the question we’ve all asked at some point?

Well, here’re a few building blocks.

1. Open Communication

One of the most important aspects of a healthy family is open communication. Family members should be able to listen to and talk with one another. This way family values are etched on each member as the young ones are well encouraged to work hard towards achieving certain set goals. Unfortunately, most senior family members who should lead by example often tend to shy away.

2. Respect for each other

Respect they say is paramount. It applies both ways. Besides, we all have a right to respect not only within the family but in the community and society as well. It helps to respect one another within the family regardless of the varied interests and personalities. It’s also important to note that despite a few negative attributes, we have our strengths. Conflicts should be solved calmly.

3. Great Support

Each time we talk about support we do this in comparison with friendship. In most cases, friends seem the more willing to help us grow and develop. It’s because we tend to open up to them thus it seems they understand us better. While some friendships are genuine, others are based on quid pro quo basis. It means we have sought of failed to institute proper communication in the family.

4. Quality Time together

Spending time together is a great value in good families. It’s a great way to bring the members together, develop a bond between one another, communicate outside the usual strict setup, and resolve tension among any conflicting members. Quality times also provide the opportunity to encourage one another, inspire others especially the younger ones and to notice special talents.