Drinking is a popular activity for many men. Going out for a drink can be a great way to meet new friends and to network. It can also be a great way to break the ice when you meet people that you are not used to. You can have a drink to ease the nerves just before you do something that you are afraid of.

If you do not take adequate care, you could easily find yourself drinking more than you need to. When this happens, your drinking has gone out of hand. There are a few questions you should ask yourself about your drinking. The honest answers you get will give you an idea of whether your drinking is normal or it is getting out of hand.

Are you thinking about alcohol all the time?

When you start being obsessed about where your next drink is going to come from, trouble has just started brewing. There is nothing wrong with planning where you will go for a drink. However, it becomes dangerous when you start planning your life on where the nearest bar is in the same way you plan your life around the nearest toilet when you have a running tummy.

Do you lie about how much you drink?

Sometimes lying to others is an attempt to lie to yourself and it is an indication that you are in denial about your drinking problem. When you find yourself at pains to convince those around you that you are not drinking as much as you should, you need to sit and think.

When you lie to those who know you well they actually know that you are lying but most of the times they are unable to help you until you are willing to admit that there is a problem which needs to be solved. The ultimate responsibility to take action lies with no one else but you.

Is your drinking affecting your relationships?

According to alcoholrehab.com when your drinking habit starts to cause problems, you now have a two-pronged problem to deal with:

  • You are moving in the direction of a total breakdown in your relationships.
  • There is a real possibility that you are heading in a situation where you will end up addicted to alcohol with very little chance of helping yourself out of it.

Most of the times when you are at this stage, you know very well the damage that your drinking is having on your relationship but you are unable to do anything about it.

Do you drink to cope?

When you start using alcohol to make yourself cope with a stressful situation, you are now going on a slippery slope towards alcohol dependency. If you find yourself heading for your favorite bar as soon as you have any free time or you are starting to panic when there is no alcohol in your fridge, you are showing signs of someone whose drinking is getting out of hand.

There are many other signs that you should watch out for including being unable to stop drinking even when you want to, having to convince yourself that you do not have a drinking problem and being ashamed of seeking help. When you start to see any other signs above manifest, you can do yourself a favor by seeking professional help. You do not have to go it alone.