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Yoga for better sexual health

The fact that yoga involves physical, mental, and spiritual practices or discipline, means that it improves the general health of the body. Since the ancient times all [...]

How to last long in bed

The end of the year is a time to take a rest from your job. It is natural that if you have been working hard for the [...]

How to have great sex?

There is a question that every man who has ever slept with a woman asks themselves sometimes; am I satisfying my woman in bed? This age old [...]

Reasons Your Friends Do Not Like Your Girlfriend

Do you find that your friends show open or subdued dislike for your girlfriend? Try some suggested ways on how to get your friends to like your [...]

How much sex is healthy sex?

There is a myth that the only people in a relationship who are self-conscious about how often they should have sex are men. Whether this is a [...]

Do You Have a Sex Addiction?

When this topic of sex addiction is raised, many men actually ask, can sex be addictive? The answer is yes and there are several signs that can indicate [...]

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